Bill and Debby Goring founded Nutmeg Books in 1977 both as an inspired purpose for their ever-expanding collection of books as well as to provide an unique and sometimes dusty world where their three small children could play under their parents' watchful eyes.

Forty years later Bill is still thrilled to discover new old editions, including in his own shop when a little shuffling around reveals a long lost book. Debby is the voice at the other end of the phone (unless you get Bill, and then be prepared to speak LOUDLY) and Rich makes sure the shop itself hums along smoothly.

Among Bill's nine lives, he is a judo and jujitsu practitioner and now teacher and a former ghost writer for authors he is contractually obligated never to mention. 

After enjoying a colorful, politically-engaged past, no opinon shocks Bill. You are welcome to come in and try out your radical best on him.